32FT Cargo Trailers

32FT Cargo TrailersWho has the best prices on 32FT cargo trailers? Bama Cargo does! Option for option, no other dealer sells a better quality enclosed trailer for less. Ours come in 8.5′ wide.

Get a high quality 32FT enclosed trailer at a great price!
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Whether you want a race car hauler or a seriously large, lockable transport, our best built enclosed trailers can be depended on for years of service.

32FT Cargo Trailers For Sale

At 32 feet long, these enclosed trailers are built for transporting cars, boats and anything else you can imagine. We can custom build these monsters to handle whatever you can dish out and still keep it affordable.

For starters, you can request for 12” on center steel tube framing. Doing this jacks up the weight capacity you can safely tow and gives a new meaning to the term heavy duty. Now pair that with thick plywood and steel flooring options and you’ve got a tank that can haul a tank!

We sell high quality 32FT cargo trailers all throughout Alabama.

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