Rent To Own Enclosed Trailers

rent to own cargo trailer paymentsAt Bama Cargo, we understand the need for rent-to-own enclosed trailer financing.

Making cargo trailers affordable for everyone, even with credit challenges is important to us.

Do you need to buy a new trailer on payments? Call or Click the Rent To Own button below.

Our hassle-free financing options make it easy for you to own the perfect enclosed trailer at a monthly payment that won’t break the bank.

  • 6x12 Single Axle
    $235/ Mo.
  • 6x12 Tandem Axle
    $295/ Mo.
  • 7x14 Tandem Axle
    $325/ Mo.
  • 7x16 Tandem Axle
    $340/ Mo.
  • 8.5x20 Tandem Axle
    $440/ Mo.

Explore Rent to Own Enclosed Trailer Options

Our cargo trailer rent-to-own options are designed to help you buy and own your very own cargo trailer, quickly and affordably. It’s as easy as making affordable monthly payments, and with each payment, you’re one step closer to full ownership.

Low-Risk, High Reward: Worried about the strength of your credit score? Our Rent to Own option allows many customers to qualify for enclosed trailer financing with less-than-perfect credit. Experience the benefits of having your very own trailer without a big upfront investment.

Flexibility for Your Financial Situation: The Rent to Own program we offer gives you the flexibility you need. Whether you need an affordable way to pay for your new trailer over time or just want to conserve cash, this is a great way to do it.

Bama Cargo specializes in selling custom-enclosed cargo trailers, motorcycle trailers, and food concession trailers.

Discover the Benefits of Enclosed Trailer Financing

Whether you want to protect cash flow for a business or you just need help paying for it, financing is a viable option. Here are the top 3 benefits of enclosed trailer financing.

  1. Safe and Secure Transport: With our financing options, you can afford to get a new and dependable cargo trailer. Our enclosed trailers offer a secure and weatherproof way to get your belongings to and from anywhere.
  2. Your Trailer, Your Time: No more relying on trailer rental schedules or paying high prices for junky trailers! With our financing plans, your cargo trailer is yours 24/7. Travel on your terms and enjoy the freedom of having your trailer whenever you need it.
  3. Boost Your Business: If you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur, an enclosed trailer is a fantastic investment. Expand your services, reach more customers, and elevate your business with the convenience and professionalism that an enclosed trailer brings.

We offer rent to own cargo trailer financing in Birmingham and the entire state of Alabama.

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