Concession Trailers

concession trailers for saleAre you looking for new concession trailers for sale? Bama Cargo has the best prices on high-quality, great-looking food and beverage tow-behinds.

Let us create and customize a new concession trailer for your mobile food business and get exactly what you want. We have the best for less!
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Available in small, medium and large enclosed trailers, our concession rigs are built strong, look amazing and function like a pro.

Most importantly, all of our custom food trailers pass Alabama’s stringent codes for fire suppression, gas lines, electrical, and plumbing. If the budget trailer dealer that you’re talking to doesn’t offer that, run!

Enclosed Concession Trailers For Sale

concession trailer dealerWhen you’re shopping around for enclosed concession trailers, be prepared to be wowed and disappointed. Some dealers advertise a low price to get you there, then show you a stripped down rig that looks nothing like the Ad.

At Bama Cargo, we prevent that from happening by customizing any size concession trailer you want. Everything from flooring, cabinets, lighting, Air Conditioning and ventilation and serving windows can be added to our affordable tow-behinds.

Even better, you’ll get the same if not better quality than the big boys but for much less money!

Food Trailer Inspection and Certifications

concession trailer safety inspectionThe certifications that our food trailers come with meet all national fire codes and include the two required and mounted fire extinguishers. Every fire suppression system meets all national fire codes and is certified and tagged. The Prattville, AL Fire Department inspects each mobile food preparation vehicle and certificate is given to you for your health department.

Additionally, we install all gas lines according to the 2023/ 2024 rules and regulations. A certified plumber completes the gas line leak checks and pressure testing. We provide the certificate to you for health department requirements.

If other companies don’t offer this, you might want to think twice and do your own research.

We sell high quality enclosed concession trailers all throughout Alabama.

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